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Bed-Bugs extermination services

Bed-bugs are nasty little critters, and these creepy parasites love to feast on human blood. They are enterprising hitchhikers who can gain entry into your home in a variety of ways. They can come in on luggage, clothing, backpacks, furniture, and even on the fur of household pets. The biting blood-sucking bed-bugs can work their way into your residence from an infested neighboring building via ductwork, vents, eaves and windows. They will set up housekeeping in dark crevices and on and inside fabric surfaces like mattresses, box-springs, and sofas. They are difficult for the average home-owner to detect, until they start biting like crazy, and they won’t leave willingly, most often requiring the services of a bed-bugs exterminator.

You have Bed-Bugs? Start an extermination now!

Fortunately, if bed-bugs have taken-up residence in your home, a call to ECRN Extermination will get you the help you need. Our exterminators team provides the most comprehensive bed-bugs extermination in Laval and the North Shore. Utilizing eco-friendly techniques and products, and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the pros at ECRN Extermination are your go-to source for a discreet 24/7 bed-bugs exterminator service.

Most active at night, though they don’t follow any regular dining schedule, bed-bugs bite and cause uncomfortable itching, leave welts, and can trigger allergic reactions. ECRN Extermination, in addition to making house-calls for bed-bugs extermination, has products and equipment available for the determined do-it-yourselfer. If you have, or think you have, a pest problem, don’t hesitate, call our bed-bugs exterminators today.