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Whether you’re in the Laval area, the Laurentian’s or on the North Shore, we can step in and offer you the appropriate solution for your needs. We also sell an entire lineup of products to help you get rid of insects, rodents, acarids or other undesirable pests. We offer domestic and professional products approved by the Ministry of Environment: insecticides, miticides, avicides, traps, cages and rodenticides that are all safe and biodegradable, in order to protect your health as well as the environment. We have selected brands whose benefits are recognized, and that have proven their effectiveness in the field.

The different brands

Gardex brand chemical products have been around since 1977: these superior quality products were designed by professionals in the field specifically to eliminate parasites. Gardex is the first company to have stood by these professionals and has helped them improve. It offers several products such as rodenticides, insecticides, smoke bombs and an array of high quality equipment. Our goal is to find the most innovative, high-performance products that allow us to go about our tasks in optimal conditions, enabling us to serve our clients as effectively as possible.

Bayer Environmental Science offers innovative products for parasite extermination while monitoring health, as well as improving living conditions and the environment. It specializes in controlling rodents and insects in rural settings, as well as in product storage. Protecting products in storage is important when it comes to insects:

more particularly in relation to farming, milling, shipping, containers and grain management. A few more of its strengths: controlling grasshoppers and crickets, as well as treating woodwork and ground in commercial spaces or residential houses against termites.

Among the well-known labels developed by these two groups, you’ll find Responsar, Starycide, Solfac, Racumin, QuickBayt, Premise, Proficid, Maxforce, K-Othrine, Ficam, Crackdown, Cislin, Blattanex and AquaPy.

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