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ECRN Extermination puts all its knowledge to work in order to exterminate any pests, like bed bugs, from your residential or commercial environment.

We offer our clients a wide array of pest management services: consulting and expertise, identification, health inspection, indoor and outdoor insect control, sewer system verification, and preventive inspection services based on risk management. We can intervene 24 hours a day in the Laval, Laurentian’s and North Shore areas. By hiring true professionals to get the job done, you can rest assured that you’ll get the quality work—and results—you’re looking for.

Residential extermination service

Giving our technicians comprehensive training and using recognized pest extermination products allows us to completely guarantee our results. It’s important to know that each product and method’s effectiveness has been proven time and again. All the products we use are biodegradable, safe, and effective, and we select the appropriate ones for each kind of pest: insecticides or miticides for insects and acarids, avicides for birds, and cages, traps or rodenticides for rodents. We carefully evaluate your situation in order to suggest the best appropriate response and get rid of your pests as quickly as possible.

Commercial extermination service

Insects, rodents and birds are pests when it comes to your stock and merchandise: these little beasts can really damage food and other products. If you’re not sure how to handle a pest problem, turn to us for help.

Our professionalism and flawless ability to choose the right product allows us to help you very quickly and effectively. The products we use are safe for both the merchandise and humans despite their undeniable effectiveness, and they’re biodegradable, too.

Avicides for birds, miticides for acarids, powerful insecticides for all insects, and cages, rodenticides and traps for rodents: these are all methods proven to yield optimal results.

Turning to our services allows you to put your worries to rest and carry on your activities in optimal conditions. The ECRN Extermination team has the expertise necessary for putting programs that meet HACCP International standards in place. We also work with clients in order to establish tailored procedures and pest control programs suited to their specific needs, in addition to offering personalized training services.

Several important clients have chosen ECRN Extermination as their specialist in pest management:

  • The Offices municipaux d’habitation de Montréal
  • Several farms and poultry farms
  • Several early childhood centers
  • Several businesses and industries
  • Several cities in the surrounding area

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