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ECRN Extermination

Quality pest management services!

Whether you’re an individual owner, store manager (food-related or other), or even a factory manager, you know that rodents, insects and birds are not welcome visitors.

We use the necessary means—safe miticides, insecticides (for acarids and insects), traps, cages and rodenticides (for rodents)—with effectiveness and speed, guaranteed. We’re on standby 24 hours a day, so our services are always just a call away!

Whether you’re in Laval, on the North Shore or in the Laurentians area, you can trust the expertise of ECRN Extermination. Contact one of our experts today and take the first step towards getting rid of your pests!

ECRN Extermination Deux-Montagnes 1-855-598-2626

ECRN Extermination Sainte-Thérèse 1-833-344-4111

ECRN Extermination Trois-Rivières 819-996-0250

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